A day for the dogs @ Fanshawe Pioneer Village


OK, that was one fun filled day! So glad my Mom brought me along even though it was a bit chilly. My ‘girlfriend’ Raven event came along for the adventure. We started the day by having our photo taken by the talented Erin Woodgate. I event posed nicely in a hat and Raven is in the video in a bonnet. (at :17 sec in the video below).

Then we watched the big dogs do the lure racing which freaked me out a bit, so I had a little visit with the Healing Touch lady afterwards and she helped me calm my nerves. The vendors were all great and I received so many presents like tennis balls from Pet Smart, samples from Pet Valu and treats from Raw for Pets. Mom even bought me a bandanna for my collar and some refills from Da Code a Bags.

Next we got to see the Cruisn’ Paws Agility team compete over a huge course. I can’t wait for Mom to sign me up to learn to compete. Those tunnels looks like so much fun! We took a few minutes to watch Brody and his Mom Melaney perform on stage for the Fanshawe’s Got Talent competition. It was time to move on though before the judges revealed the winners. Mom was busy taking video and pictures of everything so here’s a little montage of the day.

You can see my cameo and my brand new bandanna from Pennies for Paws at 1:30 sec into the video.


I hope they have this event again next year. You can find out more details at:


September 14, 2015 |

Welcome to Dog Ontario we are happy to help you with many things that are dog related.


A list of events is one of our goals, so if you hear about some, please email us so we can post them here. The object here is “Sharing is Caring”.

Ok let’s get started!.

Interesting Dog Fact

Dogs and Rain- the reason dogs hesitate before going out into the rain is not because they are afraid of getting wet.

It ‘s because rain amplifies sounds and their ears are so sensitive it can be too intense for them.

Nice to know that my fur baby isn’t afraid of water. 🙂

September 6, 2015 |
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